How They Make Memory Foam

Do you ever wonder how the wonderfully comfortable memory foam topper for mattress is made? Do you imagine the processes it goes through just to come out as firm and as spring-like as it is? Well, if you like baking cupcakes, or like watching your mom bake it for you, more or less you will have an idea of how this great mattress topper is made.

In baking cupcakes, you would use a mold to turn your dough in to a hill of a sweet delight. The same thing goes for memory foam topper for mattress. However, the result is not something that rises out of the mold to form a mound of foam. The memory foam is made as flat and even as possible to provide relief and comfort when you sleep.

Memory foam is produced by a complex reaction of polyol and diisocyanate. Polyol contains a group of hydrogen-oxygen while diisocyanate is comprised of carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen. When these materials are combined, they form in to cells, which are similar to bubbles, and eventually spread out to become foam.

This mixture is then poured in to a mold and allowed to dry. After which, it is peeled off, trimmed on the sides for excess, and cut to form memory foam mattress toppers. And just like a cupcake, it is now ready for you, only it is without the trimmings of frosting and sprinkles.

Do be careful however in choosing the manufacturer of your memory foam. Inaccurate production can result to some discrepancies in the foam, which may cause it to break or lose its effect early. One of these discrepancies is the bottom side of the memory foam topper for mattress being denser than on the top part. This is due to the pull of gravity and is a common mishap during production. But for the accurate and careful of manufacturers, they have the means and equipment to avoid this.

Now that you know how memory foam topper is made, you will be able to appreciate it more. Choose the best foam topper for you to have that good night’s sleep that you have always desired.

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